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Why Kangen Water® ?

Kangen Water® for restaurants


- How much Kangen Water® should I drink?

Try to keep drinking 2-3 litres of Kangen Water® daily, according to your body weight. You will see that with Kangen water® it´s very easy to keep up with the 2-3 litres because it is really tasty and „drinkable“

Are there in Kangen water® any additives or chemicals?

No. The device does not add any ingredients at all in Kangen water®

- Can I drink Kangen water® in pregnancy?

Sure, give your baby and yourself the best. Pay attention to fluid intake during pregnancy, that is more than important. For you and for proper development of your baby. Plenty of minerals and alkaline water - Kangen Water® - is a very good start and basis during your pregnancy and after. In the first trimester, the placenta is thickening and building itself as a strong alkaline lining to protect the body and the baby from the acid waste of the fetus over the next nine months. This can leave the mother dehydrated, drained of alkaline minerals in her body and feeling constantly nauseous. This is where morning sickness comes from and many mothers find that it can last all day! Drinking alkaline water before pregnancy can stockpile the body on alkalinity and drinking Kangen water® during pregnancy can keep mom’s alkaline levels strong, easing morning sickness and making sure the water bag is strong for her little one to grow in. Over fifteen years, the Japanese Water Institute and the Kyowa Medical Clinic studied the effects of tap water, bottled water, and Kangen water® on pregnant woman and found without a doubt that Kangen water® was the best man-made source of alkaline minerals that a pregnant woman could ingest. The studies also showed that mom and baby often fared better after nine months of drinking Kangen water® regularly. After pregnancy, many new moms experience problems like osteoporosis, calcium deficiencies, higher cholesterol, kidney stones, and poor circulation. All of these are a result of the body trying to return to its natural alkaline state. The over acidity in the body is a problem brewing for nine months and often times, bodies don’t know how to handle it. Drinking Kangen Water® regularly can speed the body’s return to alkalinity.

- Is Kangen water® suitable for children?

Yes. When children begin to consume normal food, their bodies begin to be bothered by acids, chemicals, free radicals. And they are lucky, because they can consume Kangen water® from an early age. By two years of age is recommended to drink Kangen water® pH 8.5. Did you know that our body is alkaline after birth? As well as amniotic fluid or breast milk? Just after we start consuming acidic foods, our bodies can develop diseases and become acidic.

- Where can I buy bottled Kangen water®?

Kangen water® cannot be purchased in shops, because the chemical properties do not allow it´s preservation as "bottled water", so if bottled it won’t keep its properties more than 2 days. The best is to drink it as fresh as possible, from the machine or from a BPA free container. For the opportunity to try Kangen water® for free, please contact us.

- Where can I purchase the device for the production of Kangen water®?

If you are interested in buying a device, just fill out the form, and we‘ll take care of the rest. It is just a matter of days until you will receive the unit directly to your home. The device’s prices are set by the manufacturer and are the same all over the world, also no matter who you buy your device from it, is the same price everywhere. But we appreciate our customers and we will always find that little more something just for you to be happy and benefit at the most from your product... We provide very good service and assistance for our customers.

- Can the device be purchased in instalments?

Yes, it is possible. Company Enagic has its own payment system. It is possible to select the number of instalments, the interest rate is 0%, for each instalment it is charged only € 10 administration fee.

- How much it will cost me the operation of the unit?

You only pay for a small electricity consumption (consumption given in the machine instruction and specification manual) and a High Grade filter which has a capacity of 5,700 litres of water. The price is €95.20 including VAT. Thanks to the microchip fitted imide, the device itself tells you when to replace the filter. Replacement is very simple, please see the video instructions on our website.

- Are there on the market other devices as well?

Kangen water® is unique in the world. Only Leveluk devices will ensure the production of healthy Kangen water®. But as with anything else, we are talking about a market where you could most probably find other brands of water ionizers as well. After Enagic, other brands started to produce similar water machines, which don’t have the certification as medical device and their quality is very far from the "golden standard" of the company Enagic. Enagic is the world’s leader in production of water ionizers and it is involved in the water quality research since 1974. There is no other company that would have such a great history and long background as Enagic. Approximate comparison you can see below.

Enagic Competitor

WQA Certification



Japanese National Certification

May, 1987


Date of National Certification Acquisition

May, 1987


Business Type

Original manufacturer and Direct Sales


DSA Member



Factory Certificates (ISO)

13485(For a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices)
14001 (Environment Management System)
9001 (Quality Management System)

14001 (Environment Management system) (the Supplier)
9001 (Quality Management System)

Related Organizations

Water Symposium Foundation
Alkaline Water Conference
Strong Acid Water Conference



Manufacture Warranty

Retailer Warranty

Quality Control

22-point inspection by 5 inspectors per machine


Electrode Material

99.99% Titanium

Titanium, Impurities (Iron, Nickel, Chromium, Copper)


Platinum-Plated Titanium

Platinum (Some use Baked Titanium)

Production Rate (gal/min)

Kangen Water® 1.19-1.98
Acidic Water 0.39-0.66
Strong Acidic Water 0.15-0.31

Max 0.79
Max 0.25

Kinds of Water Produced

Kangen Water® pH 8.5 - 9.5
Acid water pH 6.0
Clean Water pH 7.0
Strong Kangen Water pH 11.0 & up
Strong Acid Water pH 2.7 & down

Alkaline water pH 7.7-9.5
Acidic water pH 6.0-7.0
Clean water pH 7.0
Strong Alkaline water pH 9.5-11.0
Strong Acidic water pH 3.0-4.0

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Worldwide-also local service station available in 10 Countries & 17 Service Locations


North America

3 countries in 9 locations: CA, IL, NY, HI, Dallas, Florida, Mexico, Vancouver & Toronto



5 countries: Germany, Italy, France, Romania & Portugal


Asia and other countries

10 countries: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand


Loaner Machine Available

10 countries: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand


Loaner Machine Available